Gold Shoal286, The Savile Club

Mayfair, London, U.K.

The Savile Club was established in 1868 by a group of the most distinguished writers and artists of the time. Its home since 1927 has been a fine 18th Century house within the Grosvenor Estate in the heart of Mayfair, London.
The Flyfishers’ Club was founded in 1884 and is one of the world’s most interesting and entertaining flyfishing fraternities, with a long tradition of warmth and friendliness. The Club has occupied 13 premises since its inception and is currently located above the Savile Club in Brook Street.
Dominic and Frances were commissioned by The Flyfishers’ Club to create a special gift for The Savile Club, their long-term hosts, in celebration of their 150th Anniversary. A special Shoal with each fish coated in 24ct gold was created and installed as a lasting visual reminder of their friendly, time honoured relationship.
This Shoal sculpture measures approximately 50cm (20") diameter and 120cm (33") deep.
The artwork features 286 glazed English fine bone china fish, each approximately 16cm (6") long and coated in 24ct gold. The central light enhances the warmth of this fine material and casts delicate shadows around the interior.

Shoal is watched over by another recent addition to this space; a portrait of Arthur Herbert Edward Wood (1870-1934) by John St Helier Lander (1868-1944). This famous fisherman popularised the effective method of fishing for salmon with the fly near to the surface of the water. The sculpted detail along the back of each fish within the sculpture is taken from the beautiful markings on a mackerel, not a freshwater salmon, however, it was in fact a small model of a salmon that inspired Dominic and Frances Bromley to create the first Shoal in 2007.

18PR10 Flyfishers2
18PR10 Flyfishers6
18PR10 Flyfishers1
18PR10 Flyfishers5
18PR10 Flyfishers4
18PR10 Flyfishers14

Photography: Johnny Fenn and D. Bromley