On the Wing, Bristol Airport

South West England, UK

‘On the Wing’ greets passengers as they approach the immigration hall on arrival at Bristol Airport. Scabetti were approached by Harmsen Tilney Shane, commercial interior designers and workplace consultants, to create a sculpture that worked with the linear nature of the space and complimented a large scale, back lit artwork depicting a Bristol landmark.

Scabetti responded with a series of fifteen pairs of English fine bone china wings, navigating their way out of the ‘Clifton Bridge Insta’ artwork by Clare Halifax.

The wings were initially sculpted by Frances Bromley, with the fine detail of plumage lovingly created in clay. Using the time-honoured technique of slip casting, the forms were then replicated in English fine bone china.

A careful balance has been struck between the soft, organic and pure nature of the ceramic wings and the smooth, robust and mechanical fitments. A creative homage to the much larger metal birds arriving and departing just beyond the sliding doors.

17PR11 Bristol Airport 6
17PR11 Bristol Airport 5
17PR11 Bristol Airport 7
17PR11 Bristol Airport 2

Photography: Kenton Simons