Shoal Sculpture, Urban Kitchen

Hamburg, Germany

A well-known restaurateur and celebrity chef in Germany, commissioned designers at UK4 Urban Kitchen to create a stylish and functional kitchen space for their home in Hamburg. Head of Design Jan Kratzin worked with his team to create a vibrant and contemporary space that exudes personality and a passion for cooking.

A custom made Shoal sculpture by Scabetti weaves its way above the central driftwood table and combined double glass hob. A height adjustable, mirror finished extractor hood can be hidden within the path of the 1,228 glazed ceramic, English fine bone china fish. This Shoal is the first to use right facing fish, a perfect mirror image of the iconic left facing Scabetti fish. This feature allows the Shoal to cleverly envelop the mirrored hood on its path towards the balcony and Hamburg’s Alster Lake beyond.

The kitchen offers beautiful details and statement features and this eclectic styling creates a space that feels fun but with an elegant practicality at its core. The presence of a Scabetti Shoal draws you in to the heart of the kitchen space where you are invited to take a seat, witness and sample the culinary creations of your expert host; a feast for all the senses!

Shoal dimensions: 1m (39") wide x 4.8m (15' 8") long x 0.9m (35") at it's deepest
(Three golden fish punctuate this sculpture, a number chosen by the client of personal significance.)

17PR58 UrbanKitchen 7
17PR58 UrbanKitchen 6

Photography: Nicolai Stephan
Many thanks to Jan Kratzin at UK4 Urban Kitchen.