Shoal, W. van der Zwan

Port of Scheveningen, Netherlands

A 3m (10ft) tall, 1m (3ft) diameter Shoal installed at the purpose built headquarters of W. van der Zwan, owners of a fishing fleet, in the port of Scheveningen.

This family run business has a strong focus on sustainability. "Our goal is simple: we should fish in such a way that fish stocks and their natural habitats remain healthy and productive... We want to preserve the capital and to catch the interest."

Situated within a contemporary space, this Shoal sculpture provides a calming contrast to the strong angular structure of the building, designed by MVSA Architects, and offers a natural link to the industry and fleet of vessels that unload their catch.

"Your Shoal has only brought positive comments from all people visiting us and we are proud and pleased to have this Shoal in our building (and not in the nets of our vessels)."

WvanderZwan 2
WvanderZwan 3
WvanderZwan 4
WvanderZwan 1
WvanderZwan Outside2

Photography: Hans Morren