Shoal286, Bernese Farm


With a love of the natural world and a passion for fishing, a Shoal held immediate appeal to the owners of this beautiful post and beam Bernese farm, located a stone’s throw away from the Swiss capital and dating back to the 1880’s.
A seven-year long renovation project, using eco-friendly materials wherever possible, including clay walls, geothermal heating and photovoltaic panels, has culminated in the installation of a Shoal286, featuring glazed English fine bone china fish. Set on a steep hillside, with views towards the pre-Alps hills and forests, this is a truly stunning setting for a Scabetti Shoal.
Shoal286 suspends above the entrance hall and is complimented by the natural wooden ceiling and wall beams. The intricate carvings created by our talented client look on as the smooth, glossy fish gently reflect the natural morning light or cast shadows as they circulate a warm light source when darkness falls.

“The Shoal compliments our largely natural/animal themed decoration. We both love it, especially at night; it is really spectacular.”
Quote from client, April 2019.

Shoal dimensions: 50cm (20") diameter, 120cm (47") tall