Shoal388, New York

New York, USA

This unglazed Shoal388 is a perfect accent lighting piece above a dining table within this beautiful, contemporary space with period features in New York. A rectangular Shoal, 1.2m (4ft) long with three point light sources was commissioned by New York interior design studios Jarlath Mellett, to be included within a scheme inspired by their clients extensive collection of Icelandic art. This Shoal became a centre piece to a theme with an emphasis on the ocean and nature.
"The light looks incredible and our client is totally in love with the fixture! Thank you for everything, I really enjoyed working with you..." Wendy Sohn, Jarlath Mellett.

Shoal dimensions: 120cm (47”) x 50cm (20”) x 50cm (20”)

Wendy Sohn 1

Photographs courtesy of Jarleth Mellett