Shoal186, The Cottages

Muir Beach, California, USA

Nestled above Muir Beach, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and with San Francisco in the distance, are The Cottages at Muir Beach.
These stylish properties with glorious ocean and mountain views, have been lovingly restored by British interior designer Victoria Hamilton-Rivers. With such high attention to detail and devotion to an oceanic theme, these beautiful cottages are testament to Victoria’s design skills.
Victoria commissioned a Shoal186 to feature as a focal point in the open plan living/dining room area of Mole's Cottage.
Stunning ocean views and exquisite interiors provide the perfect backdrop for this Shoal featuring unglazed fish; perfectly at home in this fresh, comfortable but contemporary space.

Shoal dimensions: 50cm (20") diameter, 85cm (33") tall 

18PR05 MuirBeachCottage 1
18PR05 MuirBeachCottage 2
18PR05 MuirBeachCottage 3
18PR05 MuirBeachCottage 4

Photography: Kurt Lai Photography