John Dory Shoal

Liberty of London, London, England, UK

This Shoal features two specially sculpted John Dory.
Rick Stein approached Dominic and Frances asking them to work together with him to create some limited edition works for a charitable auction at Liberty of London.  This Shoal was created as a limited edition of 1. It features a total of 288 fine bone china fish, 288 being the numbers in the postcode of The Seafood Restaurant in Padstow. Dominic's father and master sculptor John Bromley transformed the John Dory of the Seafood Restaurant logo, into a sculpture that could be cast and created from English fine bone china, and suspended within the Shoal.
This unique sculpture was auctioned by Liberty of London with bids invited online between October 21st and 30th 2011.

Shoal dimensions: 60cm (24") diameter, 80cm (31") tall.