Shoal MS1, TUI Cruise Ship

Marella Explorer, (Mein Schiff 1)

The international art advisory company ICArt were looking for a sculpture for the renovation of the largest ship in TUI's fleet; Mein Schiff 1 and approached Dominic and Frances to discuss and develop the creation of a unique piece for their space. The sculpture meets the complex environmental needs of the location being mounted as a centre piece for the reception area of this 260m (850ft) long ocean-going vessel. Light weight at just 180kg (400lbs) yet still a significant statement at over 5m tall, the sculptural form was developed together with the client before agreeing the colour palette. The sculpture features over 3500 fish, each 25cm (10") long, in three shades of blue with white and brushed steel accents.

Dimensions: From 20cm (7") to 1.8m (70") diameter at its widest, 5.2m (17ft) tall