Scroll Shoals, Al Pairo

Hotel Solaz, Baja Peninsula, Mexico

Hotel Solaz reflects the breath taking natural surroundings of the Baja Peninsula, in Northwestern Mexico. Al Pairo Seafood Restaurant forms one of eight distinctive eateries within the luxury resort. As with the overall architectural design, every detail has been considered, with a series of Scroll Shoals forming one the artworks in homage to the seafood cuisine and beachside location.

Inspired by a Bajan seafood market combined with a Mediterranean flavour, the restaurant takes advantage of a seafront location; with skilled local fishermen delivering the day’s catch. Sustainable seafood is prepared and carefully presented with flare alongside organic produce from the nearby Miraflores and Todos farms.

The pure white fish of the three Scroll Shoals and two cylindrical Shoals contrast beautifully with the truffle coloured ceilings and echo the brightness of the sun-drenched terraces beyond. Enjoying such sumptuous surroundings and delicious seafood delicacies, that have received rave reviews, would render a visit here an absolute delight!

Together, these Shoals measure approximately 2.7m (8' 10") long, 78cm (30") wide, 72cm (28") deep 

17PR01 AlPairo 1
17PR01 AlPairo 3
17PR01 AlPairo 2
17PR01 AlPairo 5

Photographs courtesy of Gabriela Mondragon Quiroga
Many thanks to Architects Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos