Shoal, Cafe Riva

Café-Restaurant Riva, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Shoal was chosen as the centrepiece of Amsterdam’s Café-Restaurant Riva, an ambitious development on the banks of the Amstel river, which flows through the heart of the Dutch capital. Riva is the work of renowned architect Cees Dam, whose portfolio credits include The Stopera, Amsterdam’s City Hall and Opera House. A strikingly modern building, Riva makes extensive use of glass, offering clients stunning views over the river. The interior is an equally impressive blend of polished concrete, hardwood and leather detail. The photographs reveal the first of two bespoke Shoals to be installed; one directly below the other. Over 1,000 unglazed English fine bone china fish now grace the central atrium linking both of the restaurants’ floors.

Shoal dimensions: 1.2m (47") long, 60cm (24") wide, 1m (40") tall